Advice & Coaching

Organizations consist of people not only systems, resources and protocols. For TransMind advice and coaching are always about people. People are more satisfied and perform better when they are in their strength.

People experience authentic flow when their strategy is closer to their original self. Then life is easier, work more efficient and day more quiet.

So our approach is always the individual. From there we look at the team or department where a person functions, and further towards the organization. We support people and groups in processes that are going on around them. We help them focus on substantial steps with a clear objective and long term in mind.

  • The individual level is about career guidance, personality development, leadership development and cooperation.
  • The team level is about transitions, team building and team effectiveness. Leadership problem often comes into play here. Here the team correlation measurements, which give an idea of the unconscious dynamics of a team, giving strong handles for sustainable improvements.
  • The organizational level looks at the organizational DNA, a complete picture of culture and interaction within an organization.