Can a surgeon work without a scanner?

Why a scan for coaches?

Organic ScoreCard BrainScan

Organic ScoreCard BrainScan

There is no question that, over the past 60 years, most specialists have been benefiting from technical progress – regardless of whether they are working on a medical or technical level. However, coaches are the exception to the rule in this picture.

A good coach has intuition, experience and ‘a bias that does not look too much like the ego’. Coaches regard the use of objectivising techniques as a weak point instead of an enhancement of their profession. This is fascinating. In scientific investigations, investigators are always called upon to count in their own investigations. In other words, coaches who know they must completely separate themselves from their coaching must still be born.

The Organic ScoreCard (OSC) developed by TransMind, gives coaches this ob-jective tool and enables them to pinpoint coachees’ possible blockades, beliefs and other restraints in terms of personal growth within 10 minutes. This means a coach does not have to sit through several sessions simply to determine what the coachees’ issue really is. The OSC also enables the coach to see directly what intrinsic direction is given by the coachee himself / herself. The coachee feels and understands what the next logical step is, even if this goes against his or her current strategy.

You will see the OSC, from a methodological point of view, is capable of provid-ing these enlightening and sobering insights. Also, you will experience how coaches’ or your own beliefs and self-images lead to a bias that is as natural to you as water to a goldfish.

Why the Organic ScoreCard and what value does this add?

The OSC methodology brings the above-mentioned depth and acts as a catalyst. The OSC ignores categorising methodologies which draw conclusions and inter-pretations from the behavioural side. With the OSC, coaches have a behavioural development tool at their disposal instead of a behavioural change instrument. Only the former leads to sustainable human development because it allows guided interventions from consciousness.

In addition, the OSC measures the development of an individual or team objec-tively, giving coaches the opportunity to use this rapid analysis to build a trajec-tory and to make their results visible.

Finally, the versatility of the methodology makes the OSC suitable for a wide range of issues as it is all about sustainable development or structural questions which may and should never be approached in isolation. This applies to a range of target audiences as well as individuals. It also applies to teambuilding and organisational development.