“After numerous & continuous self-help assessments and time spent with psychologists and coaches I was never given the necessary tools to deal with the complexity of the human brain as much as the Transmind Organic ScoreCard. With the help of a brilliant coach it has helped me to nail down destructive behavior and beliefs I’ve dealt with my whole life and constructively work towards a better understanding and acceptance of myself, ultimately enabling me to change the focus and reality of my future. This is a brilliant tool, which I hope can reach everyone who is willing to face the yet, unexplored & unknown facets of the human mind”.

Wilma Gunn-Els
Snr  IT Project Coordinator


No other diagnostic instrument has had a greater impact on my life than the Organic ScoreCard. It made me aware of the blind spots in my consciousness that was having a negative impact on my life. Not only did it help me come to terms with my blind spots, it helped me develop a strategy for facing the difficulties of the next stage of my life.
This has lead to significant growth and life change as well as enhanced success in all areas of my life. The organic scorecard has had a profound impact on my career, my marriage, my relationships and all my responsibilities. I can honestly say that the entire Organic ScoreCard experience was life changing.

Rudolph Grobler
Reformed Pastor, George, South-Africa


I myself am on the program. It was very, very accurate and most helpful in my quest to grow as a person. I also unblocked some personal issues that I have been carrying along for some time.
The ScoreCard added value to my personal as well as professional life.
One of the keys to improving behaviour/interactions and living an energy giving balanced life is understanding oneself. The OSC is a tool that can help put one on the path of self-understanding. The ScoreCard helps you formulate plans to unblock difficulties you might have professionally or personally so you can grow in a balanced and healthy way.

Gary Hirst
Manager, Power Construction


The OSC helped me to be aware of the reasons for my reactions and that made it possible to let go of my knee jerk reactions and to change my behavior. I could let go of feelings of guilt when I took time out for myself. I cannot remember why I felt guilty, but when I feel guilty, I can make a quick conscious shift.
It has release me of the burden of feeling guilty.
I also have a better understanding of my behaviour in relationships.

Suzanne Bateman
Educator/Group facilitator


The organic scorecard has helped me to recognise my gifts and focus on improving what I do well. I have been able to be delibarate on being a change agent at my workplace. This has also given me confidence to launch a number of initiatives that we had planned to do with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

The organic scorecard has also surprised me by identifying my needs as a person. The one that I agree with is the need to connect with myself first and also those who are in my life at work and home. I have tried to consciously reach out to a couple of people and had remarkable breakthroughs in mending relationships which I didn’t even know were broken. Going on this journey is guiding me to make changes in my life and be a person who implements plans.

Khanya Blou
HR Organisational Development, Power Construction


Doing the OSC was a grounding process for me. The second OSC, confirmed my personal growth over the 2 years. It showed the shift in a very concrete visual way. The picture that stayed with me was myself standing in the middle of my OSC showing the energy in different colours radiating from me to the outer world. It grounded my position in life and gave me self confidence and stability to move forward. It also gave me the first steps and direction in which I have to go.

Lizanne Murison
Graphic designer: Outoftheblue


“The OSC gave me a canvas which highlighted the strengths that I intend to maximise to sharpen my performance at work and in my personal relationships. However, some highlighted areas could hold back my performance, so I had work on these. I also took away that the way I lead and manage others won’t evolve naturally, instead I need to deliberately work on it.”

Bongani Mgayi
Marketing director at Power Construction and independent marketing consultant.


The OSC process is life changing. The OSC helped me to understand how I spend my brain energy in my intuitive life strategy. Once this strategy was confirmed, I could get to know my authentic self again. It comforts and challenges me to grow and never disappoints me. I am still a beginner on this journey, but can’t wait to start facilitating this journey in other as well.

Alet Ackermann
Social Worker


The OSC created a balance in my life. I used to be scattered at the end of the day. I am now aware that I don’t have to contribute to everything all the time, therefore I can conserve my energy.  As a professional coach it’s easier to work with someone if you know who they are. I now use the OSC in the mentoring and coaching of my team for this purpose.

Warren Kirsten
Matie Cricket Coach


The OSC journey was a life changing experience! I became aware of why I do the things I do (which I never knew) and therefore I could change it. As a result I am much more relaxed in myself and was surprised that I also experience my environment as calm and relaxed.

It is a great privilege to be part of the OSC-student project and seeing the impact it has on their young lives.

Karen Swart
Sport Manager, Sport-Ed, University of Stellenbosch


I feel as if I wasted a lot of energy on things that I did not have the answers to. I also felt that I needed the answers to everything. That was a very tiring process. After the ScoreCard I could let go and relax. As a Netball coach it is nice to know where the players come from and the understanding of consciousness helps to bring the best out of them. You also know that you can make a difference in their lives.

Christene Behan
Head Coach, Matie Netball


The OSC helped me personally to understand my own conscious strategy as well as the way my life story connects to it. It was especially helpful to understand that my strategy is not right or wrong, but that it is more applicable and less applicable in different areas of my life and that with more self-awareness and can manage that.

Professionally it has given me a coaching tool that helps people to unlock their gifts and find their longings and find deeper conversation quicker and without forcing.  I witnessed people that previously have found it difficult to think and talk about themselves finding language through powerful, colourful images with scientific basis.

Andre Kilian
Coaching: Individuals, couples and groups